The human foot is made by 26 bones and by 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is also the part of the body which supports most weight, that is why it is not rare to suffer from pains or from problems in the foot at one point or another of its life. Onions, pronation, collapses of the plantaire vault, toes in hammer, the aponévrosite plantaire and the muscular cramps can cause pains. You can remove them easily by making exercises to stretch muscles and reduce the tensions.

Exercises for mobility, strengthening feet. This video is only available in french.

Improves balance and posture. Fortify the feet and ankles.

Breathe calmly in coordination with the movements.

Work in fluidity and control. Work in elasticity to create spaces between the joints.

Production Lighting-UP ®2018

Remerciement Au Centre Pure Pilates – Aix en Provence.


Durée : 11'41
Date : Friday 16 March 2018
Professeur : José Maria Alves
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