Strengthening of legs, ankles and knees.
Improve the traffic, boost lymphatic system and tonier the muscle structure.
For an in-depth work with control, dynamic and powerful. Intended for the people who wish to tone up and to improve the traffic of legs.
He is advised of viewed once before the practice. Follow, please, the instructions. Attention to align well knees with your toes, do not leave your knees go inward.
Do not stretch the legs by the knees, work with your muscle creating a resistance!
Breathe calmly in coordination with the movements.
Work in fluidity and control. Work in elasticity to create spaces between the joints.

Production Lighting-UP ®2017

Remerciement Au Musée du Pavillon Vendôme- Aix en Provence.

Durée : 04'42
Date : Saturday 14 October 2017
Professeur : José Maria Alves
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