Women’s QI Qong

Yu Nu Gong, or “The Girl with the Jade Body”
Is practiced like a dance bringing us step by step to reconnect our own nature.
As well as a shower of pure and fresh water, which proceeds to a cleaning,
The emotions are revealed and balanced.
The body becomes more flexible and the gesture harmonious.
Designed to harmonize major physiological and hormonal systems in the life stages of Women.

Specific exercises for: – toning the perineum
– relieve the lumbar,
– mobilize the basin,
– develop its concentration
– develop mastery of the body
– awaken her sexuality
– flourish in inner peace

Production Lighting-up®

Thanks to Marie Pierre Lagorce



Durée : 10
Date : Sunday 28 May 2017
Professeur : Marie Pierre Lagorce
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