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What is Babaji’s Kriya Yoga?

The goal of life is happiness, peace, love and enlightenment. The desire for perfection comes from the Self, the image of God, which seeks to express itself through all humanity.

Babaji’s Kriya Yoga is a scientific art of God, Truth union and Self-Realization. It was revived by a great master of India, Babaji Nagaraj, as a synthesis of ancient teachings of the 18 Siddha tradition. It includes a series of techniques or ‘kriyas’ grouped into five phases or branches. Paramahamsa Yogananda taught that practice of Kriya Kundalini Pranayama can accelerate the natural progression of Divine Consciousness in human beings.

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Sita Leite

Durée : 02'46
Date : Wednesday 19 July 2017
Professeur : Sita Leite
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