QI GONG of the 5 elements or WU XING GONG

The Wu Xing Qi Gong aims to balance the five elements in our body, harmonize the functioning of the vital organs and support the vitality of each.
Chinese medicine conceives the functioning of the human body in terms of interactions between the different organs, each associated with an element. Thus the human body functions according to the same rules as the whole universe, we find in each of us this rhythm of the 5 movements. Maintaining one’s health and preventing illness is therefore a matter of regulating and harmonizing these 5 elements, illustrating the different phases of the life cycle.

The wood (liver) associated with spring, Fire (heart) in summer, Earth (spleen, pancreas) in the offseason, Metal (lungs) in autumn, Water (kidneys) winter.

Durée : 10'58
Date : Saturday 27 May 2017
Professeur : Marie Pierre Lagorce
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